A WAILA plugin has been added and is available for download! This plugin adds useful information to the WAILA HUD about Gas Pumps, Gas Collectors and Gas Tanks and also fixes weird names for Gas Pipes. It can be found on the Plugins page.

Glenn's Gases for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2 is now out! It fixes major issues with 1.5.1 and should be downloaded immediately! Along with the update comes an update to the Gases Framework,

  • Fixed major issues with the core parts of Glenn's Gases and Gases Framework causing them not to be properly loaded.
  • Added a recipe for Block of Refined Diabaline.

Glenn's Gases 1.5.1 for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2 is now out! It tweaks the Gas Furnace and it adds new weird items with new weird names (and changes various other things)! Along with the update comes an update to the Gases Framework, 1.0.5.

  • Heavily tweaked the Gas Furnace. It now emits smoke on top. The time the furnace will keep burning for is displayed in the GUI as a fuel level. The furnace will now have a starting smelting speed of 0, but can reach 10x ordinary furnace speed. The furnace will burn as long as fuel is supplied, regardless of items being smelted or not. Items will be smelted as long as the furnace is warm. Shift-clicking now works properly.
  • Added Diabaline Ore, Refined Diabaline and Block of Refined Diabaline. This material can only be refined in a Gas Furnace.
  • Added Rusted Iron Ingot.
  • Chlorine Gas will now damage and rust eligible dropped items.
  • Custom Gas Furnace recipes can now be added in a configuration file.
  • Added Iocalfaeus Gas.
  • Added Dust.
  • Tweaked the transparency of gases.
  • Gas Tanks will now interact with tanks directly above or below.
  • Rusted Iron Ore, Rusted Iron Block and Rusted Iron Ingot can now be smelted into ordinary iron in a Gas Furnace.
  • Red Gas will now explode on contact with water.
  • Added some fields to the Configurations.
  • Entities that are on fire or hold certain items will now ignite gas on contact. Dropped items of the same type will also ignite gas.
  • Steam no longer replaces solid blocks when appearing.
  • Gas explosions are slightly less powerful.
  • Changed recipe for Gas Sensitive Chip.
  • KNOWN BUGS: Players named CyaNideEPiC or DethridgeCraft will emit villager noises on contact with gases.

Glenn's Gases HOTFIX for Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.6.2 is now out! It fixes some issues for players using older versions of the mod.

  • Added some missing features from to the 1.6.2 version of Glenn's Gases.
  • Added proper compatibility with Biomes o' Plenty.

There should now be less confusion about the licensing for Glenn's Gases. It should all be explained here. The page also contains updated information about modpack inclusion requests.