It's been a long wait, but Glenn's Gases 1.6.0 and Gases Framework 1.1.0 is now out for Minecraft 1.7.10! This new version will also be available for 1.7.2 tomorrow, and eventually 1.8.

This update brings a ridiculous amount of changes, including the changing of a large amount of block IDs... Very sorry about that, but it's going to pay off in the future. Consider using the new Retrogen to get your gases back. Anyway, here's the changelog.

  • Many block IDs have been changed.
  • Reworked the mod configurations into a highly readable format. All fields have been renamed in the process.
  • The update checker of Glenn's Gases has been upgraded, and updated to allow login tracking. Fear not, everything is anonymous.
  • The same update checker has been applied to the Gases Framework.
  • Gas Lanterns now expire at proper rates.
  • Blindness caused by gases is now smoother and also affects FOV
  • Primitive Respirator no longer breaks completely, and can be repaired with Coal on an anvil.
  • Added Advanced Respirator.
  • Ignited Gas now stays for longer.
  • Tweaked and repaired the internal behaviour of Lanterns.
  • Added Helium.
  • Revamped world generation. Gas Pockets are no longer as fragmented. It should be much more stable and have a slightly smaller impact on performance. Added support for Retrogen which will allow future gas types to be generated in already existing worlds.
  • Tweaked a large amount of values regarding world generation.
  • Decreased loudness of Electric Gas.
  • Added Glass Gas Pipes.
  • When highlighting a Gas Pipes while holding a Gas Pipe, green arrows will appear showing where gas flows.
  • Reworked the piping system. Removed all explosions related to failed pumping and overloading. Slightly increased the pump rate of Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors. Made the piping rules few and simple.
  • Increased range of Gas Collectors. Made Gas Collectors able to transmit their contents to adjacent Gas Collectors.
  • Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors now remove their filtering state if the player applies a filter that is equal to the current setting.
  • Added visual indication of filter settings to Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors.
  • Added native WAILA support (no plugin required).
  • Fixed Gas Furnace rewarding no XP.
  • Increased Adcidic Vapour flow speed.
  • The core counterparts of Glenn's Gases and Gases Framework no longer need their own mod files.
  • Made the mods look much better in the FML mods menu.
  • Fixed bug where Corrosive Gas would completely ignore block hardness.
  • Made all gas machinery accept and discard air if necessary.
  • Added Infinite Gas Pump and Infinite Gas Drain.
  • EXTREME AMOUNTS of invisible internal changes. Seriously. This list could have been so much longer.

The original repository has been split into 3 separate parts. The new repositories are the following.

The license is also changed to LGPL, which means anyone can redistribute the mods. This also means the mods can be included in modpacks without asking for permission. However, I advise all modpack creators to wait with including the mod until Glenn's Gases 1.6.0 and Gases Framework 1.1.0 are released

The mod has been on hiatus for a while now. What's happening?

I haven't shown much interest in minecraft modding nor maintaining the mod in this period, but it's about to change at least for a little while now. My friend, Trentv4, is interested in continuing the work on Glenn's Gases under my supervision. He's been indirectly involved in the creation of the mod from the start, and has now stepped up to become a developer. Having a second pair of eyes to monitor the changes really helps.

What is going to happen?

Both Trent and I will be working on bringing a new update which will make the mod a bit more user-friendly. Don't worry, we're not decreasing the gameplay difficulty, we're decreasing the difficulty of things that are hard to learn, such as piping. The update will, of course, also add a few other things. We will also work towards a Minecraft 1.8 version.

In addition, with the coming update the mod will adapt a new license which will allow Glenn's Gases to be included in any modpack. You can read about the state of the current license and why it's about to change here. You may also contribute with feedback in this Reddit thread.

You can follow our progress on our BitBucket repository. If you know any issues or have any improvement suggestions, you can contribute by posting an issue on the repository. Even better, fix it yourself and make a pull request!

Glenn's Gases 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.7.x is now out! This is a very minor update. Features are listed below:

  • Gas Tanks will now spill their contents when broken and will attempt by filling the surrounding area as much as they can.
  • Fixed client-server sync issues with the WAILA plugin related to Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors. The WAILA plugin does not need to be updated for fix.
  • Black Damp, Electric Gas and Corrosive Gas now generates in the world as it should.
  • Nerfed gas bottle stack size to 16 from 64.
  • Blocks of Refined Diabaline can now be crafted into 9 pieces of Refined Diabaline.
  • KNOWN BUGS: Players named Wyld or CrustyMustard will also emit villager noises on contact with gases.

Psst. Soon you will be able to use flammable gas as an energy source for Thermal Expansion.

Glenn's Gases and Gases Framework for Minecraft 1.7.2 were accidentally distributed as 1.7.10 mods, causing crashes. The mishap has been corrected, but it requires a manual re-download of the mod.

Sorry for the inconvenience.