Information Database - Retrogen

This page contains information about retrogen and how it can be used in your worlds. For the safety of your worlds, please read everything below carefully before attempting to use it.

The Gases Framework has support for retrogen. Retrogen means to regenerate world features to an existing world in which they were missing.

With Gases Framework 1.1.0 and up, some additional information is saved to worlds containing information about which gases have been generated. The Gases Framework can use this information to determine if a gas type should be generated in a chunk. If Glenn's Gases were to add a new gas type to the world in an update, you can use retrogen to generate this type in chunks that have already been explored and used.

Retrogen can also be used in worlds untouched by the mod.

To enable retrogen, take a look in the Gases Framework's configurations. Retrogen has to be enabled for each Minecraft session. This means that the configuration field will be reset every time you run Minecraft. Making a backup of your world is highly recommended.