Glenn's Gases 1.3.4 is now out! This is another mini-release, but it fixes a vital thing.

  • Flammable gases now burn properly.
  • Gas rendering has been slightly altered.
  • Glenn's Gases will automatically check for updates and notify the player if an update exists. This can be disabled in the configuration.

Glenn's Gases 1.3.3 is now out! This is just a mini-release which doesn't really contain anything. What's important is that it works with the newest versions of Minecraft Forge! The only real change is that catching gas in bottles now works, and only the red and green gas can currently be caught in them.

It is avaliable for both Minecraft version 1.6.4 and 1.6.2.

Glenn's Gases 1.3.2 is now out! This update features the nether gas which you voted for me to include. However, there are two! One is electric, and the other is corrosive. Be careful not to mix them, because bad things will happen! But there's more...

  • Added electric nether gas.
  • Added corrosive nether gas.
  • Breathing in gas no longer brings up your air meter. You will last longer in some gases, and shorter in other gases.
  • Breathing gas will have more negative effects than suffocation.
  • Completely restructured parts of the mod to allow future extension support, and faster development.

Glenn's Gases 1.3.1 is now out! It includes some very small fixes.

  • Glenn's Gases now uses a Forge configuration file.
  • You can now configure block and item IDs to ensure compatibility between other mods.
  • You can now configure if you want gases to naturally generate in your world.
  • Fixed a problem where lanterns would almost always be dropped as empty ones, even though they contained an item.

Glenn's Gases 1.3 is now out for the Forge! It has been quite the struggle, but I can finally announce that it is done. Also, the mod is now officially called "Glenn's Gases".

Here is a list of changes:

  • Moved the entire mod to Forge. This means you have to uninstall your previous version of the mod, install Forge, then install Glenn's Gases. Old worlds are not compatible with the new version, but you can still open them (gas blocks will disappear!).
  • Lanterns now look better in the inventory and in the player's hand.
  • Added glowstone lantern. It can be made by combining a lantern with glowstone dust.
  • Void gas now dislikes light environments.
  • Gas will now properly react to fire and torches when moving up/down.
  • Items and blocks now have actual names.