Information Database - Changelog (Glenn's Gases)



  • Fixed Bedrock potentially spawning unwanted large amounts of Void Gas in The Nether and The End.


  • Many block IDs have been changed.
  • Reworked the mod configurations into a highly readable format. All fields have been renamed in the process.
  • The update checker of Glenn's Gases has been upgraded, and updated to allow login tracking. Fear not, everything is anonymous.
  • The same update checker has been applied to the Gases Framework.
  • Gas Lanterns now expire at proper rates.
  • Blindness caused by gases is now smoother and also affects FOV
  • Primitive Respirator no longer breaks completely, and can be repaired with Coal on an anvil.
  • Added Advanced Respirator.
  • Ignited Gas now stays for longer.
  • Tweaked and repaired the internal behaviour of Lanterns.
  • Added Helium.
  • Revamped world generation. Gas Pockets are no longer as fragmented. It should be much more stable and have a slightly smaller impact on performance. Added support for Retrogen which will allow future gas types to be generated in already existing worlds.
  • Tweaked a large amount of values regarding world generation.
  • Decreased loudness of Electric Gas.
  • Added Glass Gas Pipes.
  • When highlighting a Gas Pipes while holding a Gas Pipe, green arrows will appear showing where gas flows.
  • Reworked the piping system. Removed all explosions related to failed pumping and overloading. Slightly increased the pump rate of Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors. Made the piping rules few and simple.
  • Increased range of Gas Collectors. Made Gas Collectors able to transmit their contents to adjacent Gas Collectors.
  • Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors now remove their filtering state if the player applies a filter that is equal to the current setting.
  • Added visual indication of filter settings to Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors.
  • Added native WAILA support (no plugin required).
  • Fixed Gas Furnace rewarding no XP.
  • Increased Adcidic Vapour flow speed.
  • The core counterparts of Glenn's Gases and Gases Framework no longer need their own mod files.
  • Made the mods look much better in the FML mods menu.
  • Fixed bug where Corrosive Gas would completely ignore block hardness.
  • Made all gas machinery accept and discard air if necessary.
  • Added Infinite Gas Pump and Infinite Gas Drain.
  • EXTREME AMOUNTS of invisible internal changes. Seriously. This list could have been so much longer.


  • Gas Tanks will now spill their contents when broken and will attempt by filling the surrounding area as much as they can.
  • Fixed client-server sync issues with the WAILA plugin related to Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors. The WAILA plugin does not need to be updated for fix.
  • Black Damp, Electric Gas and Corrosive Gas now generates in the world as it should.
  • Nerfed gas bottle stack size to 16 from 64.
  • Blocks of Refined Diabaline can now be crafted into 9 pieces of Refined Diabaline.
  • KNOWN BUGS: Players named Wyld or CrustyMustard will also emit villager noises on contact with gases.

  • Fixed major issues with the core parts of Glenn's Gases and Gases Framework causing them not to be properly loaded.
  • Added a recipe for Block of Refined Diabaline.


  • Heavily tweaked the Gas Furnace. It now emits smoke on top. The time the furnace will keep burning for is displayed in the GUI as a fuel level. The furnace will now have a starting smelting speed of 0, but can reach 10x ordinary furnace speed. The furnace will burn as long as fuel is supplied, regardless of items being smelted or not. Items will be smelted as long as the furnace is warm. Shift-clicking now works properly.
  • Added Diabaline Ore, Refined Diabaline and Block of Refined Diabaline. This material can only be refined in a Gas Furnace.
  • Added Rusted Iron Ingot.
  • Chlorine Gas will now damage and rust eligible dropped items.
  • Custom Gas Furnace recipes can now be added in a configuration file.
  • Added Iocalfaeus Gas.
  • Added Dust.
  • Tweaked the transparency of gases.
  • Gas Tanks will now interact with tanks directly above or below.
  • Rusted Iron Ore, Rusted Iron Block and Rusted Iron Ingot can now be smelted into ordinary iron in a Gas Furnace.
  • Red Gas will now explode on contact with water.
  • Added some fields to the Configurations.
  • Entities that are on fire or hold certain items will now ignite gas on contact. Dropped items of the same type will also ignite gas.
  • Steam no longer replaces solid blocks when appearing.
  • Gas explosions are slightly less powerful.
  • Changed recipe for Gas Sensitive Chip.
  • KNOWN BUGS: Players named CyaNideEPiC or DethridgeCraft will emit villager noises on contact with gases.


  • Added several new fields in the Configurations and renamed some.
  • Replaced the Glowstone Shard reaction with the Dust Cycle. Also removed the Glowstone Shard from the creative tab.
  • Added Snapdragon and Primitive Respirator.
  • Added Rusted Iron Ore and Rusted Iron Block.
  • Added Black Damp and Chlorine Gas.
  • Void Gas is now pipeable and can be extracted from Bedrock. Bedrock also emits Void Gas differently, and the Void Gas is less tolerant to light.
  • Added a slowness effect to some gases, and altered the properties of some gases.
  • Increased the light range of Lantern With Torch.
  • Fixed major client/server sync issues with Glowstone Shards.
  • Added a custom death message for asphyxiation.
  • Added proper step sounds to various blocks.
  • Gas Pipes, Gas Pumps and Gas Collectors that are attemping to fill empty space with gas have a possibility of doing so even if a gas is in the way.
  • The grill of the Gas Furnace now indicates its temperature, and the temperature will also be properly indicated in the GUI. Also fixed its inventory graphic.
  • Gas Lanterns can now connect to pipes and feed off gas from them.
  • Gases inside Gas Pipes will now ignite when the pipe is exploded.
  • Changed rendering of various blocks to look better when being broken.
  • Blindness now goes away more quickly.
  • Gas now generates in less frequent, but bigger Gas Pockets which may or may not consist of several small subpockets. Should increase performace by a bit.
  • Gas Butts may or may not consist of several subbutts. Should increase performace by a bit.
  • Electric Gas will now only emit sparks when a living entity is nearby. The sparks will no longer hurt living entities through obstacles.
  • Gas Pipes can now generate in small clusters underground. - Hotfix

  • Added some missing features from to the 1.6.2 version of Glenn's Gases.
  • Added proper compatibility with Biomes o' Plenty. - Hotfix

  • Fixed the world generation Configurations and made it possible to have a chance to generate instead of an amount to generate.
  • Fixed corrosive gas causing crashes when trying to corrode certain blocks.

  • Fixed Gas Lantern crafting crash.
  • Fixed lanterns again.
  • Gas Pumps were slightly tweaked.
  • Other minor changes.


  • Coal Ore now drops XP.
  • Changed death messages to lightning and glowstone shards.
  • Steam is now much lighter and rises more quickly.
  • Block IDs are no longer configurable in 1.7.2 for obvious reasons.
  • Completely revamped the update checker.
  • Fixed major client/server synchronization problems with piping.
  • Gas Pumps have had their behaviour changed.
  • Some items and blocks now render differently in a player's hand, in the inventory, or as a dropped item.
  • Bottles will be placed differently in your inventory when interacting with a gas tank.
  • Lanterns no longer break instantly, and should be generally fixed.
  • Gas tanks now has different rendering. It can be changed back to the old rendering in the Configurations.
  • Added a new field in the Configurations for removing the gas igniting effects of some blocks.
  • Changed the names of filled samplers and gas bottles.
  • Changed gas rendering to work with the new transparency rendering in 1.7.2.
  • Smoke from fires can now be disabled in the Configurations.
  • Fixed fatal bug where Glowstone Shards could completely break a multiplayer world.
  • Fixed fatal bug where the game would crash upon a Gas Furnace being emptied by a hopper.


  • Added multiplayer support.

1.4.2 - Mechanical Update v2

  • Separated the mod into Glenn's Gases and the Gases Framework.
  • Glenn's Gases is now the parent of Glenn's Gases Core. Glenn's Gases Core will no longer appear on the list of mods.
  • Gases with undefined density have had their rendering altered.
  • Flowing gas will now attempt to fill its surroundings more quickly and intelligently.
  • Gas explosions are now sized more according to the size of the exploded volume.
  • Slightly increased the amount of generated gas.
  • Changed gas fires to use Ignited Gas.
  • Mining Coal Ore now spawns Coal Dust.
  • Water can now flow into and break gas.
  • Added Gas Detector and Gas Sensitive Chip.
  • Void Gas will no longer appear over a certain level specified in the Configurations.
  • Configuration changes: Generation of different gases can be altered by amount instead of a boolean value. It is now possible to make any block ignite gas in the configuration by putting the block's ID in a list in the configuration (other/additionalIgnitionBlocks).
  • Fixed large issue with piping which would cause unnecessary exploding pumps. Fixed an issue where redstone was unable to disable/enable pumps.
  • Many mechanical blocks no longer break almost instantly.
  • Some gases are no longer usable in pipes. The gases that were removed from piping served no function in being pumped around.
  • Removed acidic vapour from the Creative Tab.

1.4.0 - Mechanical Update


  • Flammable gas now burns like it should.
  • Gas rendering has been slightly altered to look better.
  • Glenn's Gases will now automatically check for updates and notify the player if an update exists.


  • Fixed the mod to work with newer versions of Minecraft Forge.

1.3.2 - Scary Scary Update

  • Added Electric Gas.
  • Added Corrosive Gas.
  • Breathing in gas no longer brings up the air meter.
  • Breathing certain gases will now cause suffocation and blindness
  • Completely restructured parts of the mod to allow future extension support, and faster development.


  • "Gases - A new element" has been renamed to "Glenn's Gases".
  • The entire mod has been moved to Minecraft Forge.
  • Lanterns now look better in the inventory and in the player's hand.
  • Added Glowstone Lanterns.
  • Void Gas will now evaporate in light environments.
  • Gas will now properly react to fire and torches when rising or falling.
  • Items and blocks now have actual names.


  • Gas Pockets can no longer border with blocks that can fall.
  • Added Lanterns (technically already existed, but now finished).
  • Full blocks of gas can be caught in Gas Bottles.


  • Changed the properties of certain gases.
  • Gas pockets are now rarer.
  • Added Void Gas.
  • Changed gas rendering to look better both inside and outside.
  • Improved physics between gases of different densities.
  • Burning gases will now result in Smoke emissions.
  • The player's air meter will appear while inside gases.
  • Added early stage buggy lanterns.

1.0 - Initial release

  • Added gases.