Information Database - Corrosive Gas

Corrosive Gas

Gas ID 7
Density Undefined
Effects Rapid blindness, rapid suffocation, corrodes you and nearby blocks
Combustibility None
Pipeable Yes
Dissipates When exposed to Turquoise Dust
Occurence Gas Clouds (The Nether)
~80 blocks, y=(40-128)
Added in Glenn's Gases

Once upon a time, Steve had the most handsome face in the Overworld. Had.

It seems to be involved in some kind of chemical cycle with Electric Gas.

Corrosive Gas will break any nearby blocks below a certain hardness specified in the Configurations.

Upon contact with Turquoise Dust, there is a chance for Blue Dust to drop.

Corrosive Gas (Block)

Block ID gas_corrosiveGas
Functions Sample
Added in Glenn's Gases


This gas has no respect for solids nor the structure of your face.