Information Database - Coal Dust

Coal Dust

Gas ID 10
Density Undefined
Effects Rapid suffocation
Combustibility Highly explosive
Pipeable No
Dissipates Yes
Occurence Coal ore mining
Added in Glenn's Gases

If there's something that can make you cough, it's coal dust. Coal miners would usually get something called black lungs after a few years in the business. It happened when the dust from mined coal accumulated in the miner's lungs, causing respiratory issues.

The explosions are the real killers, though.

A full block of Coal Dust appears whenever a block of Coal Ore is mined. This can be configured in the Configurations. Because it spreads in all directions, and is extremely explosive, it is important to be mindful about torches when mining coal.

Coal Dust cannot be used as a fuel source.

Coal Dust (Block)

Block ID gas_coalDust
Functions Sample
Added in Glenn's Gases


Pfft, it's only dust. That can't be dangerous, right?