Information Database - Chlorine Gas

Chlorine Gas

Gas ID 12
Density Heavier than air
Effects Rapid blindness, poisons on suffocation, rusts nearby iron
Combustibility None
Pipeable Yes
Dissipates No
Occurence Gas Pockets
~32 blocks, y=(32-48)
Added in Glenn's Gases

Unless you WANT all your iron-related items and blocks to rust, stay away from this gas.

Chlorine Gas will transform any nearby iron ore blocks into Rusted Iron Ore, and any nearby iron blocks into Rusted Iron Block.

Chlorine Gas will also slowly break iron and chain armor worn by the player on contact. This can be changed in the Configurations.

Chlorine Gas (Block)

Block ID gas_chlorineGas
Functions Sample
Added in Glenn's Gases


This iron ore is beyond saving. And no, you can't use this iron!