Information Database - Red Gas

Red Gas

Gas ID 4
Density Heavier than air
Effects Blindness, suffocation, slowness
Combustibility Explosive
Pipeable Yes
Dissipates No
Occurence Gas Pockets
~48 blocks, y=(4-20)
Added in Glenn's Gases

It's time to bring out the lanterns. You don't want to be using torches around this one.

"Knock knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Red gas."
"Red gas who?"
"Red gas BOOM!"

The main feature of Red Gas is its explosivity. It is the only explosive gas that appears naturally underground. It serves as an excellent fuel for Gas Lanterns and Gas Furnaces.

Red gas will explode on contact with water.

Red Gas (Block)

Block ID gas_redGas
Functions Sample
Added in Glenn's Gases


Don't try this at home.