Information Database - Nitrous Gas

Nitrous Gas

Gas ID 8
Density Heavier than air
Effects Blindness, poisonous on suffocation, major slowness
Combustibility None
Pipeable Yes
Dissipates No
Occurence Gas Pockets
~32 blocks, y=(4-16)
Added in Glenn's Gases

Chemically speaking, this is a mix of nitrogen dioxide and dinitrogen tetroxide. It can react with water, and is very different from red gas.

Visually speaking, it's not very different from red gas.

Nitrous gas reacts with water to become Acidic Vapour.

The main feature of Nitrous Gas is its visual similarity with Red Gas. Their properties, however are quite different.

Nitrous Gas (Block)

Block ID gas_nitrousGas
Functions Sample
Added in Glenn's Gases


Scientists have concluded that Nitrous Gas is, indeed, not explosive.