Information Database - Iocalfaeus Gas

Iocalfaeus Gas

Gas ID 15
Density Lighter than air
Effects Slowness, extreme heat (when exposed to light)
Combustibility Controllable
Pipeable Yes
Dissipates No
Occurence Gas Pockets
~24 blocks, y=(4-60)
Added in Glenn's Gases

"Hey guys, bring the lantern over here!"
- Charred corpse

Iocalfaeus Gas [Iodine (purple-colored), Calefacio (to warm, melt)] is a light-sensitive gas that will radiate at extreme temperatures when exposed to too much light.

When exposed to light, entities near the gas will be significantly slowed. Stone surrounding the gas will also be warmed, and can be warmed to the point where it melts to lava. Lava will generate enough light to cause a rapid chain reaction, effectively turning an ordinary cave into a molten mess.

Gas Pockets containing Iocalfaeus Gas are lined with Diabaline Ore.

Iocalfaeus Gas (Block)

Block ID gas_lightSensitive
Functions Sample
Added in Glenn's Gases