Information Database - Infinite Gas Pump

Infinite Gas Pump

Block ID infiniteGasPump
Functions Gas Propellor
Max pressure 31 (configurable)
Pump rate 20 ticks (configurable)
Added in Gases Framework

Infinite Gas Pumps are creative-only Gas Propellors capable of propelling gases through pipe systems through all its sides at once.

Infinite Gas Pumps are capable of delivering a maximum pressure of 31.

Infinite Gas Pumps will pump through all sides at a pump rate of 20 ticks. Each side is set to emit air when no other gas type is set.

If a side is right-clicked with an Including Gas Sampler or an Excluding Gas Sampler, the side will start emitting the gas type of the sampler. If the sampler's gas type is equal to the previously assigned type, it will be set to emit air instead.

Infinite Gas Pumps are disabled when powered with a redstone current.

This block is unbreakable.