Information Database - Gases Framework

The Gases Framework is a mod which Glenn's Gases is based around. Glenn's Gases is dependent on the Gases Framework, but this dependency is not mutual. This means the Gases Framework works fine by itself. The Gases Framework was released for the first time alongside Glenn's Gases 1.4.2.

The Gases Framework alone barely affects gameplay at all. As an API, it contains utilities for mods to add gases, gas reactions, and registration for blocks that can ignite gas. The Gases Framework also contains the piping tools and lanterns seen in Glenn's Gases.

Currently, no mods other than Glenn's Gases use the Gases Framework. Any mods that do can be listed in the database if requested.

The mod is available on its bitbucket repository.

Modding with the Gases Framework

Interactivity with the Gases Framework can be made using the Gases Framework API. Tutorials for this will arrive soon.