Information Database - Gas Pump

Gas Pumps are Gas Propellors, therefore capable of propelling gases through pipe systems through their front sides, indicated by the arrows. They are very similar to Gas Collectors, except they do not collect nearby gases. When placed, the front side of the Gas Pump will point towards the player.

Gas Pumps are also Gas Receptors. They require gas to propelled into them, or to be placed next to a Gas Source in order to have any gas to propel. Gas Pumps therefore work as relays.

They will pump at a steady pump rate by default, but can pump slightly more often if gas is pumped into it by another propelling force.

If a Gas Pump is right-clicked with a sampler, a Gas Filter is applied, corresponding to the function the sampler. The current filtering setting can be indicated by the ring on the front of the block. If right-clicked with an Including Gas Sampler, Gas Pumps will only pump gas of the sampled type. If right-clicked with an Excluding Gas Sampler, Gas Pumps will pump all gases excluding gas of the sampled type. Only one filtering setting can be used at a time.

Gas Pumps are disabled when powered with a redstone current.

Gas Pumps