Information Database - Gas Propellor

Gas Propellors are capable of propelling gases through Gas Pipes. Gas Propellors can deliver a maximum pressure which indicates how powerful they are.

When a gas propellor propels gas through a pipe, the following happens:

  1. A random output (loose end or a Gas Receptor) which is reachable from the Gas Propellor, through the pipe system, is chosen. An output is reachable if the shortest path through the pipe system between them is shorter than the maximum pressure of the propellor (similar to redstone).
  2. If there are one or several reachable loose ends, one of these outputs will always be chosen as the output.
  3. The Gas Propellor will find the shortest path through the pipe system to the output. If the shortest path is matched with several paths of the same length, a random path will be chosen from this set of equally long paths.
  4. The units of gas in the pipes is moved along the path, towards the output.
  5. All Gas Pipe blocks along the path are exposed to a pressure equal to the length of the path. If a pipe is exposed to overpressure, it will make sounds and eventually break.

Gas Propellors