Information Database - Gas Pipe

Gas Pipes are blocks that are capable of transporting gases in a controlled fashion. Each pipe block holds one unit of gas. Note that an empty Gas Pipe still contains a unit of air, which is considered a unit of gas. Air therefore acts as any other unit of gas inside the pipe. The content of pipes can be propelled by Gas Propellors.

Each type of Gas Pipe has a pressure tolerance which dictates how much pressure pipes can handle before bursting. Pipes are exposed to pressure when its contents are propelled by a Gas Propeller. This pressure is equal to the length of the path the gas units are pushed on.

Whenever the number of gas pipe blocks from a Gas Propeller to its output is equal to its pressure tolerance, it is being used optimally.

If a Gas Pipe is broken, the contained unit of gas will be released. Gas contained in a pipe will also ignite upon an explosion which destroys the pipe, and can therefore cause a chain explosion through a pipe system.

Glenn's Gases makes some Gas Pipes randomly generate underground. This can be configured.

If the player holds a gas pipe while highlighting another gas pipe, green arrows will appear to indicate the flow of gas through the pipes.

The ID of the Gas Pipe block varies with which gas is contained.

The Gas Pipe blocks will interact incorrectly with NEI. Use the pipes without weird names.

Gas Pipes


Gas Pipes can randomly generate underground.