Information Database - Gas Dynamo

Gas Dynamos are Gas Receptors that consume combustible gases to produce redstone flux (RF). They can receive gases from any side and store it internally as fuel units. The effectiveness of the gas is determined by its Combustibility, where a highly combustible gas will yield more fuel units per unit of gas.

Gas Dynamos can store an amount of fuel units limited by their fuel capacity, and a charge of RF limited by their RF capacity. As long as Gas Dynamos contain fuel and they can still charge, they will consume fuel and convert it to RF. The amount of fuel consumed per tick is limited by the FPT (Fuel Per Tick). The conversion rate from fuel to RF is the RFPF (RF Per Fuel)

Gas Dynamos will transfer an amount of their charged RF to adjacent blocks per tick, limited by the MRFT (Max RF Transfer).

While the Gases Framework and Glenn's Gases doesn't have any machinery that consumes RF, Gas Dynamos can be used to generate energy for use with other Minecraft mods.

Gas Dynamos