Information Database - Electric Gas

Electric Gas

Gas ID 6
Density Undefined
Effects Rapid blindness, rapid suffocation, emits sparks
Combustibility None
Pipeable Yes
Dissipates When exposed to Blue Dust
Occurence Gas Clouds (The Nether)
~80 blocks, y=(40-128)
Added in Glenn's Gases

Well, screw realism. Not only is this gas oddly coloured, but it's extremely noisy and terrifying because of the sparks it emits. It seems to be involved in some kind of chemical cycle with the corrosive gas.

Electric Gas will randomly emit sparks, more frequently when flowing. The sparks will randomly hit and damage nearby entities, but only if the entity is within sight.

Upon contact with Blue Dust, there is a chance for Turquoise Dust to drop.

Electric Gas (Block)

Block ID gas_electricGas
Functions Sample
Added in Glenn's Gases


A shocking view of this electrifying gas.